After Canonical announced that they will stop investing in Convergence, the UBports community stepped forward to pick up the development of the Ubuntu Touch operating system. Initially, our first priority has been to make sure that every Ubuntu Touch user could continue to use their device, and the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. We are now at a point where we believe that we are ready to explore the possibilities of Lomiri on the desktop.


The development will take place on GitHub.
You can also join our telegram groups: Lomiri development group and UBports Supergroup.


Unlike on the phone, Lomiri is not ready for production use on the desktop yet. However, you can install a development preview on Ubuntu 18.04 to explore the current status. Visit our GitHub project to see what we are workin on at the moment and where we could use your help.

What about Mir?

Development of the Mir display server (now compatible with Wayland) is continued by a very talented and motivated team at Canonical. You can contribute to their work directly upstream.